Pet Insurance

Do I need Pet Insurance? 

We’re passionate about our pets and know vet’s fees can be hundreds or sometimes thousands of pounds.

That’s why we recommend getting an insurance quote before you adopt or buy a pet. 

The cost of treatment could mean that an owner can’t afford to do the best for his pet, or even lead to abandonment.  

Having insurance ensures you are there for your pet when they need you most, without having to worrying about about vet’s bills.

  • Get a quote with Waggle Pet Insurance in under 30 seconds. 
  • 1st Month’s Insurance free 
  • Life time cover including dental 
  • Vet’s advice 24/7 
  • Simple and transparent cover 
  • Claims dealt with within 14 days 
  • Cancer, Hip issues and dental included 
  • Free behavioural and nutritional advice