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We are committed to helping pets and owners find each other and stay together. By supporting registered British charities we know that pets will be matched to loving, committed homes. Genuine animal rescue organisations will always do home checks and follow ups to ensure that it’s not just a new home, but the very best home that is found for every pet.
While people continue to buy pets the misery of puppy farming and unscrupulous breeding will continue.
Adopting a pet will bring love and joy into your home and you will know that you have not supported cruel breeding. Every adoption changes a life, not only for the pet but also for the family adopting.
We are determined to get as many animals into homes as possible. If you feel you have the time and commitment to offer a foster or forever home, we are here to help you find your new best friend and start many happy adventures together.

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How to Adopt a Pet

Adopting a pet from a registered animal charity ensures your pet will be healthy, neutered vaccinated and microchipped. Rescue centre staff take the time needed to get to know your pet’s personality in order to match him to the most suitable home. They will do everything possible to help you before and after you adopt. Here’s how to adopt from your local animal charity.

How to Foster a Pet

Most rescue charities rely on foster homes when shelters are full. Many pets get stressed in a kennel or cattery and foster homes provide a more familiar environment for them to adjust to their new situation. Fostering is a wonderful opportunity to care for a pet without having to cover costs.

Giving Up a Pet

It’s not just cats and dogs that need homes. Most rescue shelters are full and have waiting lists for people wanting to give up rabbits and small animals.

Pet Advice

We love pets and know that when it comes to our furry friends we all love top tips to keep them happy and healthy. There is a lot to consider before and after you get a pet, check out our information before you decide to go ahead. Always research what your pet will need and make sure that you have every thing ready to welcome him into your home.


10% of sales from this website will be donated to Registered British Animal Charities.

About Me

I’ve been promoting registered British charities since 2020 though social media. By posting pets that need homes, I have managed to raise awareness about abandonment in the UK and helped pets get out of shelters and into homes. If you have pets, or are thinking to adopt or just love animals, I hope you will enjoy this website and follow me on social media to help more animals in need.

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