About Me

In 2020, when my beloved Jack Russell, Patch passed away, I considered adopting a rescue dog. While looking through rescue websites I saw 2 dogs that had been in shelters for 10 years, I was horrified.

How could any dog be overlooked for a decade?
I decided to start a Twitter account and started sharing them, hoping to get them seen and find them homes. Weeks later, they were both adopted.
I realised sharing animals on social media can raise awareness and find homes, so I kept going.

Since then, I have learn’t so much. I’ve virtually met so many other animal lovers and done my best to promote registered British charities and the vital work they do to tackle abandonment.

In the last 12 months, 3.4 million pets have been abandoned in the UK .
Animal rescue shelters are full and overwhelmed. A dog in a council pound can be destroyed after just 7 days, if no rescue space is available.

I find it hard to believe that in 2022, more pets than ever are being abandoned in the UK but breeders continue to sell pets for profit online. While we have more pets than homes, I’d like to see the selling of pets online, banned. Drastic action is needed in order to end this misery and save the lives of thousands of animals.

When I started this account, I hoped a few people would follow me to help find homes. Now, thousands of followers share my posts everyday. Together we have helped change many lives and raised so much awareness about abandonment.
Thank you to everyone that supports me, retweets and cares enough not to look the other way. It’s easy to think ‘someone else will take care of that’, but when it comes to animals we all need speak up for them and keep working until they are safe.